jason chung tang yen

(taipei, tw, 1992)

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born in an erudite household, jason chung tang yen’s childhood has been imbued with an abundant environment of art and culture from an early stage.

his creative path started in 2002 with a series of abstract watercolor on paper works and has continued his artistic practice ever since.

jason chung tang yen’s tableau mainly depicts thoughts, emotions, sentiments and ambiances that are undetectable by the naked eye.

for he believes that the rawest poignancy of colors requires no logic or language, which can be directly perceived to interpret the intended meaning and purposes.

his source of inspiration came from an eclectic range of music, philosophy, literature, religion, science, process of thinking and the connection of various elements.

in our short ephemeral life, the artist’s duty is to create a legacy that shall persevere till the end of time, as a reminder to beauty, its inevitable decay and the ultimate return to religion, something we hold true to ourselves.

in his artistic practice, thinking is the initial stage like all things.

before its information, it exists in the form of neurons.

reality is constituted by the foundation of the void, reality itself is nothingness, the void is the reality.

his reality is never realistic.

albert camus once said: ‘there is no love without despair of life’.

without imagination and abstraction, reality cannot exist.

his paintings are fragments of thoughts, on music, literature, philosophy, religion, culture, aesthetics, emotions and senses.

jason chung tang yen

born in 1992 in taipei, taiwan (tw)

lives and works in taipei (tw)


2014 ba (hons) criticism, communication and curation in art and design

          central saint martins university of the arts, london (uk)

2019 ma executive master in art market studies

          university of zürich, (ch)


2018 young artists group show, ke yuan center taichung (tw)

2019 young artists group show, ke yuan center taichung (tw)

gallery 9 presents his work since 2019:

2019 presentation at kunstrai | art amsterdam

2019 spring exhibition in the gallery

art fairs

2019 kunstrai | art amsterdam, amsterdam (nl) with gallery 9

2019 art fair, caves art center, shanghai (cn)

2018 art fair, caves art center, taichung (tw)


work by jason chung tang yen is included in several collections:

private collections:

in china, france, japan,  switzerland, taiwan, united states of america

company collections:

real-estate developer, taipei (tw)

primasia, taipei (tw)

sotheby’s international realty, taipei (tw)