pieter van der heul

(the hague, nl, 1948)

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the central theme in the work of pieter van der heul is to show his own inner self in order to achieve self-realization.

usually imagined by archetypal figures.

pieter van der heul makes work on paper with acrylic paint, oil paint, eastern ink, oil crayon, charcoal and watercolour with mixed technique.

his work is related to cobra (lucebert, chaissac, soutter, dubuffet).

it is a kind of art brut but not trapped, more free, with more exploration.

pieter van der heul has his own handwriting.

his work is poetic, sketchy.


pieter van der heul

born in 1948 in the hague.

lives and works in amsterdam.

started making his art in 1984 in addition to his work as a teacher at the time.

from 1992 only worked as an artist.


pedagogical academy

dutch language and literature


rietveld academy (evening painting)

teachers: michel cardenas, charlotte mutsaerts, emo verkerk, frank mandersloot.


in the netherlands in amsterdam include:

- gallery aschenbach

- gallery kuntur

- open studios

- hilton hotel amsterdam

- university of amsterdam, institute for philosophy

- meditation center shambala.

in haarlem at gallery lieven de key.

gallery 9 presents his abstract work since 2018:

2019 winter exhibition in the galleriy

2018 summer exhibition in the gallery

art routes

open atelier routes.


pieter van der heul's work has been included in various private collections.