zhixin liao

(guangzhou, cn, 1990)

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as a visual artist the work of zhixin liao mainly involves painting, sculpture, installation and video.

he does not want to say he is a painter.

for him the exhibition space is a big box in which he places different elements using canvas, plastic and foam.

the audience becomes another element.

he does not want to say ‘this is a painting’, but when people come into his show they might be looking at a painting or they may be part of a painting.

he creates a space in which you don’t know something, or you might misunderstand something.

he needs those inaccuracies to be part of the work.

in his recent work ideas of hiding and shelter, hoarding and consuming are referred to.

with interpretation of his work comes falsehoods, illusions and traps.


zhixin tries to use ‘wrong materials’ to ‘display’ painting, a group of works that replace the original material texture.

in his series ‘a show about the canvas’ he casts the plaster as an illusion of the particularity of the canvas and he gives it a second feature: the coloured light cast from the back of the work.

this coloured light is not from an electronic device but comes from nature’s reflection of coloured paint on plaster.

he regards intentional inaccuracy as precise intention and tries to use accurate inaccuracies to expand painting’s possibilities.

zhixin liao

born in 1990 in guangzhou (cn)

lives and works in amsterdam (nl) and groningen (nl)


2009-2013 guangxi arts university, bfa (education of art), nanning, guanxi (cn)

2013-2016 guangxi arts university, mfa (oil painting), nanning, guanxi (cn)

2017 (exchange) hunter college of the city university of new york, mfa (studio art), new york city, ny (us)

2016-2018 frank mohr institute, academie minerva, ma (painting), groningen (nl)


solo and duo exhibitions:

2018 ‘an exhibition’, y2, groningen (nl)

2015 ‘liao zhixin: 97 days and nights’, shangyuan art museum, beijing (cn)

selected group exhibitions:

in china in:

beijing, hangzhou, guangzhou, hong kong, nanning, shanghai, shenzhen, suzhou, taiyuang

in the united states of america in:

new york

in the netherlands in:

amsterdam, assen, groningen, rotterdam

gallery 9 presents his work since 2019:

2019: winter exhibition in the gallery

2019: summer exhibition in the gallery

art fairs

2018 this art fair, beurs van berlage, amsterdam (nl)

2016 asian contemporary art fair (spring edition), conrad hong kong hotel, hong kong (cn)


works of zhixin liao are included in several private collections and in the collections of:

piastrelle design studio, amsterdam (nl)

china - asean art museum, nanning, guanxi (cn)

the shangyuan international museum of art

quan gallery

‘highlife’ magazine enterprise

shanghai new galllery


2014 bejng poly autumn auction (2)

awards and nominations, grants, funds

2018 nomination buning brongers prize (nl)

2018 lam fund in this art fair, lam museum, lisse (nl)

2017 groot brugmans fund and holland scholarship, minerva art academy, groningen (nl)

2016 holland scholarship, dutch ministry of education, culture and science (nl)

2014 nomination, the new forces of artron and poly, china international exhibition center

2012 young artist award, the first graduations art fair in china

artist in residency

2015 the 8th shangyuan art museum international residency program, shangyuan art museum, beijing (cn)


works published in magazine no. 131 of ‘the outstanding power’, nanning (cn), 2014

works published in ‘beijing poly autumn auction’, lot 3812-3963, beijing (cn), 2014

works published in ‘n kind start’, the chinese academy of arts press, hangzhou (cn), 2015

works and the comment published in magazine ‘the highlife’, sichuan (cn), 2015

works included in the ‘2016 sixth guangdong contemporary oil painting exhibition’ chinese, beijing arts and crafts press, p103, 2016