tije domburg

(amsterdam, nl, 1947)

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tije domburg made after leaving the rietveld academie  (1968-1973)  a number of years only ceramic forms.

white objects and wall reliefs: always composed of several basic shapes like cylinders and blocks.

in the eighties of last century the reliefs were only in white paper.

in series were  -again-  light and schadow, rhytm, and parsing and build elements examined.

it is always in those reliefs about the planning and construction of large numbers of small elements/blocks where "the whole is more than the sum of its parts".

the sober constructivist-like works have also often a somewhat lyrical undertone.

around 1990 the need for planning and sequencing of large numbers translates literally in figures and numbers.

the figure as building element, but as well as symbol to express the infinite and elusive reality.

"the power of the number".

at the same time did also color her appearance in his work.

and since about 2000 the four letters acgt  (representing the bases from which dna is built) are the new building blocks for a number of colorful tableaux.

tije domburg is through a number of years fascinated by the investigations surrounding

-with namely- the human genome and the data and expectations that arise from it.

he has since been working with the imagination of his personal genome, actually a dna-selfportrait, in an (infinite) set of tableaux which he hopes to complete around 2114 (no typewriting error).

the 3 billion bases of the human genome; the 160 billion bases of the locust; the more than 6,000 genes in yeast; the approximately 23,000 genes of ourselves........and all that expressed in these 4 letters.......acgt.

the developments surrounding the dna-investigations are the reason, the fuel that drives the artistic engine.

a message about the discovery of the bacterium arsenic; about the lack of empathy if somewhere in the dna an ‘a’ is in the place of a ‘g’; the stemm cel research; the development of artificial dna; the discovery that the dogfish appears not to have hoxc-genes.......they all are fresh impetus to organize and structure; resulting in an ever-growing selfportrait.

he is after all a lyrical constructivist, and the double helix remains a wonderful constructivist form.

tije domburg

born in 1947 in amsterdam, the netherlands (nl)

lives and works in harlem, the netherlands (nl)



1968-1973 gerrit rietveld academie, amsterdam, the netherlands (nl)


in the netherlands among others in:

alkmaar: stedelijk museum alkmaar

amersfoort: het kapelhuis, museum flehite

amsterdam: galerie de tor, galerie bouma,  galerie de witte voet, galerie vromans

the hague: haagse kunstkring, royal library, pulchri studio

eindhoven: abn/amro bank eindhoven

enschede: t.h. twente

harlem: stichting beeldende kunst haarlem, provinciehuis noord-holland, galerie ruyssenaars, vishal harlem

heemstede: galerie de bleeker

laren: singer museum

leeuwarden: galerie van hulsen

plasmolen (bij nijmegen): galerie de vierde dimensie

rotterdam: galerie aelbrecht

wageningen: galerie wit

ned. kunst stichting with travelling exhibition “meervoud-enkelvoud”

ned. kunst stichting with travelling exhibition “papier”


gallery 9 presents the works of tije domburg since  2014:

2016 presentation on kunstrai | art amsterdam in amsterdam (nl)

2015 duo exhibition in the gallerie together with eddy stikkelorum

2015 summer exhibition in the gallery

2014 summer exhibition in the gallery

2014 jubilee presentation 25 years gallery 9 in 2014 on raw art fair in rotterdam (nl), art breda in breda  (nl) and kunstrai in amsterdam (nl)

2014 jubilee exhibition 25 years gallery 9 in the gallery



wandrelief dept. bevolkingsregister harlem (nl)

wandrelief waterbedrijf zuid-kennemerland, velsen (nl)

re-arrangement van zeggelenplein, harlem (nl)

wandreliefs sports hall oostenburg, amsterdam (nl)

wall sculpture nursing home, heiloo (nl)

environment plan richard holkade, harlem (nl)


the works of tije domburg are in private collections and the collections of:

museum boymans van beuningen, rotterdam (nl)

centraal museum, utrecht (nl)

stedelijk museum, amsterdam (nl)

museum princessehof, leeuwarden (nl)

kpn dept. esthetical design, the hague (nl)

province of north–holland (nl)

rijksdienst beeldende kunst, the hague (nl)

pen, alkmaar (nl)

city of amsterdam (nl)

city of harlem (nl)


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